Who: Shawn Freeman

Company: TWT Group

Location: Calgary

Achievements: Fast growing 50 company



Question: Why did you decide to join the HPCI Channel Partner Program?

I’ve been involved with the HPCI Channel Partner Program for about a year now. As a Managed IT Service Provider, my team and I focus on core values—we put clients, vendors, and partners first. In order to do that, we need to build and maintain relationships. Becoming a Channel Partner with HPCI has allowed us to really strengthen our customer relationships, and take them to the next level.

When we onboard a new client, it’s holistic, but we don’t deal with mobility or internet providers. Instead, we tell them it’s not something we do, but we know someone who does it well. With HPCI, we know they’ll be looked after.

Question: How would you describe your experience with HPCI and their program?

My company’s relationship with HPCI is great; it’s strategic and beneficial for both businesses. A partnership program is a two-way street, and this one is no exception. If they have leads for us, they pass them on to me, and the same goes for them. And after HPCI has saved them money, they recommend our company to other business owners, so we get even more referrals.

As far as being a partner goes, Heather and her team have made it easy. I recommend them to all my clients, hand the clients off to HPCI, and they run with it.

Question: How has HPCI enabled you to become successful?

Being an HPCI Channel Partner has positively impacted the image of our company. A lot of organizations consider IT to be geeky, but HPCI has helped us evolve into a trusted advisor that people go to and aren’t afraid of. When you’ve reached the level of trusted advisor, you can really take their technology to the next level.

Now, we can help our clients even more. Their mobility spending is finally under control, and the money HPCI saves them frees up budget room. They can put the savings toward software or hardware that are needed in the business. They get what they actually need so they can stop worrying.

Question: What was the reaction from your customers after using HPCI services?

We’ve had a very positive reaction from our customers. In many cases, they end up saving more money with HPCI than what our bill is. The positive reaction creates goodwill that builds trust and strengthens our business relationship. They know we’ll go above and beyond to make them happy. The money they save is often invested in better technology, which helps their company become more stable.   

About the HPCI Channel Partner Program

A successful business in any industry has an extensive network of partners, resources, and people to support and help it grow. A network is what you’ll get with the HPCI Channel Partner Program.

With our program, you stand out by giving your clients more than your competitors ever can; you give them immediate value they can use to transform and evolve their business through our services. With a partner standing at your side, you can help your clients grow and expand to a higher level of business.

HPCI is a vendor and expense management company that specializes in negotiating and managing corporate IT and telecom contracts. We focus on cost reduction, enhancing existing services, and creating internal efficiencies within companies. On average, we save companies 40% by correcting overspending and wrong contracts.

What you get with our Channel Partner Program:  

  • Higher client satisfaction
  • Enhanced software tools for better reporting and presentations
  • A secondary revenue stream
  • More complete provision of IT service and support
  • Additional touch points with your clients

When you become one of our partners, you don’t have to put down a financial investment. You don’t need any hardware, and you don’t need any software. All you need to do is refer your clients to us, and enjoy your new role as a trusted advisor.

Growing a business among swarms of competitors is hard. If you have a partner supporting you, it isn’t. For more information about the HPCI Channel Partner Program, visit our website.


HPCI Vendor/Expense Management For Telecom and IT

HPCI is extremely excited to be working with high calibre leaders throughout the IT and Telecom industry in the Channel Partner Program. Our goal is to not only bring value to our partners and their businesses but, more importantly, bring value to their clients and associates. Being able to reduce costs as much as we do is just one more way for our Channel Partners to WOW their clients and create brand loyalty. 

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